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Dattaca Labs is leading the personal data economy from Iceland. We work with public institutions, entrepreneurs, and local and multinational businesses to develop innovative solutions and services across a wide range of sectors, including health tech, fin tech, telecommunications, and IoT.

Our mission is to help businesses and institutions improve the value exchange between individuals and value providers. When individuals can own and control their personal data and give permissioned access to it, this informed exchange creates mutual benefits for individuals, businesses, and society.

June 6, 2017

Dattaca Labs launches living lab in Iceland in partnership with

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Customer Benefits

  • Personal insight from their own data
  • Ownership over personal data
  • Control over who can use data
  • Sense of being valued and respected
  • Feeling of empowerment in confusing data landscape
  • Security and privacy

Business Benefits

  • Access to richer customer data
  • Know your customer better
  • Explicit consent to use data
  • Regulatory compliance e.g. EU GDPR
  • Anticipate customer needs for product development

Give data back

Rising awareness of data privacy and security concerns by consumers, as well as stricter regulations concerning personal data, including the EU General Data Protection Directive (GDPR), are driving a shift in control over personal data and requiring businesses to give data back to the individual.

Deliver value

By asking end users for permissioned access to specific personal data in exchange for a service, convenience, or reward, your business can gain access to more accurate data at a fraction of today's cost, enabling you to provide personalized services to your customers.

Build customer loyalty

Providing a greater value exchange to customers can help your business establish trust, increase engagement and loyalty, and decrease churn.

Test new ideas

If you're a corporate innovation lab or an entrepreneur, you can incubate new ideas and quickly find product-market fit, serving the local Icelandic market before accelerating globally.