Data Protection Officer

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 2018, is a radical revision of existing consumer data privacy and protection laws, which affects any company conducting business in the EU. Consumers are given full control over their data, with simple and easily accessible controls for changing, downloading, or deleting stored information. We help organizations pursue “privacy by design,” to give data back to the individual. 

Companies can assign Dattaca Labs as their Personal Data Officer on a retainer fee which gives them access to legal consultancy.

Our Service line

  • Data Protection Officer A – 29,900 ISK + VAT (1 Hours)
  • Data Protection Officer B – 79,900 ISK + VAT (3 Hours)
  • Data Protection Officer C – 179,900 ISK + VAT (10 Hours)

Data Protection Officers – Strategy for compliance / implementation

Diverse Surveillance 
Regular Training 
Regular Seminars
Risk Assessment
Communication with Data Protection Authorities (DPAs)
Communications with Individuals
Privacy Impact Assessment