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Dattaca Labs helps your company become GDPR compliant

Our team implements GDPR with efficiency based on knowledge and experience

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( GDPR )

Innleiðum löggjöfina með hagkvæmum hætti útfrá sérþekkingu og reynslu

Road to compliance

In our road to compliance program we provide an important and necessary groundwork for our customers to find the right road to compliance. We help companies map the personal data being processed and follow them through the next steps. Our program has helped over a 100 companies to take the right step towards compliance.


Road to compliance

Specialized service where we map the data being processed and provide constultancy to companies on moving forward to implementation.

Implement GDPR

After the road to compliance we take a deep dive with the companies to implement the necessary changes for the company to become GDPR compliant.

Data Protection Officer

We serve as a Data Protection Officer to maintain the companies compliance on three different service levels #privacybydesign

Business Development

Following GDPR compliance we help companies build valuable solutions and services in the Personal Data Economy, Decentralization of Personal Data, Privacy and Data Security Space.


Privacy Management Software

Privacy Management Software

Dattaca Labs is a retailer for DPOrganizer in Iceland and handles sales and distribution to companies. DPOrganizer helps you map, visualize, report and mange your processing of personal data.